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Ethanol plant Electrical Service

Ethanol plant electrical supporter mechanic, your role would involve providing support

Electrical System Maintenance

You would be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting various electrical systems in the plant, including power distribution, motor control centers, switchgear, transformers, and generators. This involves conducting regular inspections, identifying issues, and performing repairs or replacements as needed.

Equipment Repair

Ethanol plants utilize a range of equipment, such as pumps, motors, conveyors, and control systems, which rely on electrical components. You would be involved in diagnosing and repairing electrical problems with this equipment to ensure smooth operations and prevent downtime.

Preventive Maintenance: Implementing a proactive approach, you would perform routine preventive maintenance tasks on electrical systems and equipment. This includes conducting inspections, testing components, lubricating moving parts, and replacing worn-out or damaged parts before they lead to failures.


When electrical issues occur, you would be responsible for troubleshooting the problems to identify the root cause. This involves using diagnostic tools, schematics, and your expertise to pinpoint faults and develop effective solutions.

Safety Compliance

Ensuring compliance with electrical safety regulations and standards is crucial in an ethanol plant. As a supporter mechanic, you would be expected to follow safety protocols, adhere to lockout/tagout procedures, and maintain a safe work environment for yourself and others.

Collaboration: You would work closely with the maintenance team, electrical engineers, and other plant personnel to coordinate repairs, share information, and optimize plant operations. Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential in this role.


Keeping accurate records of maintenance activities, repairs, inspections, and equipment history is important for future reference, compliance, and troubleshooting purposes. Maintaining comprehensive documentation will contribute to the efficient operation of the plant.

Overall, your role as an ethanol plant electrical supporter mechanic would involve maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing electrical systems and equipment to ensure the safe and efficient production of ethanol.

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