Five Misconceptions About Sober Living Homes

In some instances, the environment someone lives in can play a role in their addiction. Returning to that environment too soon can increase the risk of a relapse. Sober living homes can provide a safe and drug-free environment for someone working on their recovery from substance abuse.The structure and peer support can help someone transition from more intense treatment to regular life.

But not everyone understands what a sober living home is like. In fact, there are common myths about sober living homes. Keep reading below to separate facts from myths about sober living.

Myth: Sober living homes are for criminals.

Fact: Sober living homes often has people with all types of backgrounds that are in recovery. But sober living homes prioritize the safety of the residents. Many sober living homes prescreen residents, and criminal activity is non-permitted at the homes.

Myth: People that live in sober living homes cannot see their families.

Fact:Different sober living homes may have varied rules. In general, residents can have visitors, including friends and family members. Certain homes may have rules, such as having visitors approved ahead of time.

Myth: You cannot have a job while in sober living.

Fact: People that live in a sober living facility can have a job and are encouraged to do so. Maintaining employment is an important step in ongoing recovery.

Myth: Sober living homes only provide a place to live.

Fact: Services offered by a sober living home may vary. Some homes offer individual and group counseling, scheduled activities, and job placement help.

Myth: All sober living homes are the same.

Fact: Not all sober living homes are the same. They often have different rules, programs, and services offered. The physical structure of a sober living facility may also vary. Some offer apartment-style units. Others are in a dormitory-style facility. Also, sober living homes may involve a large house in a residential neighborhood.

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